Coconut Water- A Great Post Workout Drink

drinking coconut water

Have you ever think that which is better after workout, coconut water or a sports drink? After reading this article you can make your own decision that which drink is better after workout. Scientists say that coconut water is good after lighter workout while sports drink works well after sweatier exercise.why-coconut-water

Coconut water is not only a refreshing and delicious drink but it also helps to replenish your body after a strenuous workout. Coconut water is a natural healthier drink which does not contain any artificial calories, color or any other artificial ingredients.  It contains great amount of potassium than a sports drink or banana carries. Potassium is very good for your health. It prevents you from many health problems like cancer and heart attack and also maintains your blood circulation and regulates blood pressure.

How is Coconut Water Good As After Workout Drink?

Coconut water is also a rich source of sodium than sports drinks. Don’t you think that you should go for the natural juice like coconut water which contains all essential nutrients that your body requires rather than an artificial sports drink which contains chemical, sugar and artificial color? It is a natural drink which is beneficial for your health. Coconut water helps you to re-hydrate your body instantly and keeps you more energetic after a heavy workout because it readily absorbed by your body.  Without re-hydrating your body you may feel stressed, headache and tired and experience weak athlete performance.


This is a great source of electrolyte which helps in making your muscles strong and regulates your nerve system. Electrolyte contains magnesium, sodium, minerals and manganese. During exercise these nutrients are lost in sweat so that you need to have these nutrients with any source and coconut water is better options for these nutrients. Drinking plain water does not fulfill these entire electrolytes but coconut contains all of them.

Coconut water is fat and cholesterol free drink which has also low calories. So it is very beneficial for the people who are very health conscious. Coconut water also promotes a good digestion and helps in weight loss. If you have any digestion problem then drink coconut water daily, it will help you a lot. Coconut water is alkaline in nature that means it is less acidic than sports or artificial drinks that can upset your stomach. Coconut water contains less sugar than sports drink. So it does not make you fatty.

So, now you can easily make decision which drink is better for you after workout. A sports drink or a coconut drink. Of course you will choose a suitable drink that is more beneficial than other drinks that is coconut drink.

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