How much healthy is coconut water?

cococnut water

Health-Benefits-Of-Coconut-Water...Coconut water is the ultimate thirst beverage which offers a tasty alternative to water. Coconut water is a clear liquid tapped from the center of coconuts. The sugars it has to contain are naturally occurring same as the fruit has naturally occurring sugar. It is popping up everywhere in different of varieties and almost people like its taste. Is coconut water good for you? Is coconut water a healthy beverage on the planet? If you love coconut water, there is a good news for you. Coconut water not only tastes good but also beneficial for your health. This article is especially for those people who want some health benefits only by drinking an ultimate thirst beverage.

What is Coconut Water?

Coconut water is the clear liquid found inside of a young and green coconut which is usually about the size of basketball. You can get maximum health benefits of coconut by drinking the water of the young coconut, not the mature coconut milk which is generally lower in nutrients. Coconut water has been consumed for centuries in tropical countries and it is believed to treat a variety of health-related ailments. benefits of coconut waterIn Sanskrit, coconuts are called as ‘kalpa-vriksha’ which means ‘tree which gives all that necessary for living’.

Recently, coconut water is known as “nature’s sports drink” and a “life enhancer”. Coconut water is naturally refreshing, sweet and nutty taste. Coconut water has myriad benefits which help in making you healthy. Now, we are going to tell your answer to the question – is coconut water a healthy beverage?

Nutrition Facts of Coconut Water

Coconut water has great nutritional facts that make your body healthy. The water inside the coconut contains approximately 46 calories per cup, 10 grams of natural sugar with little protein and it is fat-free. It also contains a number of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that are vital for human health. The primary nutrition in coconut water is potassium. The amount of potassium in coconut water is approximately 600 mg making it a high electrolyte beverage.

Coconut water also contains a small amount sodium, up to 10% of your daily calcium and magnesium needs. Electrolytes present in coconut water are ideal for maintaining blood volume, heart health as well as prevent dehydration. Maintaining electrolytes levels can help in reducing fatigue, stress and muscles relaxation. There is an interesting news that cytokinin content in coconut water which in the future may show some anti-cancer properties. Cytokine is naturally occurring plant hormones that may help to reduce the growth of the cancer cells. With these benefits is coconut water healthy or good for you? The answer is a big Yes.

Health Benefits of Coconut WaterHealth-Benefits-of-Coconut-Water

Coconut water is refreshing to consume on a hot day to stay re-hydrate. Coconut water is safe and a healthy beverage for most of the people. It has a number of health benefits. Some of them are-

Lower blood pressure -:

Studies have found that people who drink coconut water regularly are less prone to the risk of getting high blood pressure problem. The high potassium content in the water has potential benefits for reducing the risk of the cardiovascular diseases. Potassium present in the coconut water counteracts the effects of sodium in the body thus helping in lower blood pressure.

Lower cholesterol and triglycerides -:

Drinking coconut water regularly helps to decrease the total cholesterol triglycerides level, LDL level and the specifically the cholesterol found in the heart. Researchers have believed that these benefits may be related to the potassium, calcium and magnesium content in the water. All these electrolytes play a vital role in maintaining a healthy heart.

Cleansing/detox –:

As you know that our body has a natural ability to cleanse and detox on their own if you provide it the correct amount of nutrients and hydration. Inadequate hydration leads to a build-up of toxins in our bodies because the detoxifying organs, liver and kidney cannot work properly without adequate water. Dehydration can further lead to fatigue, irritability, confusion and extreme thirst. These symptoms result from the inability for the kidney to properly flush out the toxins out of the system. Adequate fluid intake, ideally 8-10 cups per day can prevent you from dehydration as well as maintain body’s natural detoxification ability. Coconut water contains all these benefits which make it a healthy and ideal beverage to replace fluids and help remove toxins out of the system.

Reduce stress and muscle tension –:

Coconut water is almost good as a massage. Some of the powerful electrolyte found in coconut water, especially magnesium and calcium may help in relieving stress and muscles tension. Many of you miss these critical minerals in your diets that make stress management even more confronting. Calcium not only makes your teeth strong but your muscles too. Adequate calcium intakes may help to keep your all muscles relaxed including heart muscles and thus lowering the risk of heart attacks. Magnesium and calcium work together to help maintain muscle relaxation. Coconut water has both these minerals, so you need to drink up this healthy beverage daily.

Maintain the pH level -:

Coconut-Water2Maintaining the pH level of the body is a vital task. There are a lot of toxins and compounds both in environment and foods that can make your body’s pH level more acidic. An acidic pH level can lead to different types of health problems such as joint pain, heartburn, heart disease, weight gain, diabetes and much more. Drinking coconut water regularly helps you not only in preventing you from these diseases by maintaining your body’s pH level, but also provides you a healthy body.

Above, we have discussed a number of health benefits of coconut water as well as its nutritional values. Now, you have got the answer for- is coconut water healthy for you? If you still wondering, start drinking coconut water regularly and see the improvement in your body yourself. Coconut water is one of healthiest beverage that you should drink regularly to make your body healthy.


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