Is coconut water good for diabetes?


Is coconut water good for diabetes? This is a question that keeps coming in diabetic Coconut-waterpatient’s mind every now and then. The truth and the short answer to this question are yes. Coconut water is a beverage that is being consumed across the world and it has become famous in no time just because of its several health supporting properties. It has several properties that make it worth drinking beverage. Let’s dig deep into the question that is asked above. Is coconut water good for diabetes? You may have seen several TV advertisements where celebrities claim that it is one of the best natural drinks abundantly available around us and drinking coconut water can have myriad of health benefits for your body.

Most of the celebrities also relate it to their weight loss campaign and they claim that this water has helped them a lot in cutting some extra pounds of their body. According to a study published in Journal of Medical Food in 2015- Coconut water improves diabetes but the study was performed on the rats. There isn’t anything to fear as many animal studies extrapolate to human so you can’t deny the reliability of that study. In this study, the rats were injected with a potent compound called alloxan which can induce diabetes in rats. Alloxan is a compound that has an effect on rats but there is no any evidence that it can bother a human body as well.

coconut water for diabetesCoconut water consists of several nutrients such as electrolyte, potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, iron copper and many other elements that will surely help you fight against several ailments. Coconut water also contains natural sugars like fructose, sucrose, and glucose. These are the elements that are potent enough to fight against several ailments. Diabetes is a condition where blood sugar level of human body increased to an extent level.

What Do You Mean By Diabetes?

When the blood glucose level of human body increases excessively then your body starts functioning inappropriately. There are several types of diabetes and diabetes type 2 is common among them. In type 1 diabetes your pancreas does not produce insulin or produce a very low amount of insulin. On the other hand, one of the most common types of diabetes is type 2 diabetes. A chronic condition that affects the way the body processes blood sugar (glucose).

Today obesity is one of the main causes of diabetes occurrence. It is directly related to other health related issues as well. Therefore drinking coconut water may help you alleviate your intake of calories. You can prefer coconut water over many other beverages such as soft drinks and other drinks. If you drink beverages that are higher in calories than the risk of being obese will also become higher, therefore in order to alleviate your calories intake, your first choice should be coconut water.

How Does Coconut Water Help in Managment of Diabetes?

Although it is good for your overall health, don’t consider drinking it excessively. Because anything excessive causes harm and that you don’t want. No matter how much you like it, you should not exceed that limit. Otherwise, it may cause you problems as well.

coconut water beneiftsCoconut water contains low carbohydrates and high amount of fiber that ensure good management of your diabetes. Keeping track of carbohydrates in your body is as important as keeping track of glucose level in your body. This is because more carbohydrates mean a significant hike in blood sugar level. This may cause a big problem for you. It also helps improve blood circulation of your body.

An affected blood circulation causes several problems such as numbness in the body, kidney problems, and vision problems. Intake of coconut water may help your blood to circulate as accordingly and this will surely help you manage your diabetes. Therefore it is a good option for maintaining your blood sugar level.

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